Automotive Digital Capabilities Optimization

Digital Process & Tools Optimization

Are you using all of the features and capabilities of the digital tools that your dealership uses? Are you aware of all of the current access a digital product has to your Inventory Management System or DMS?  Have you cleaned up your webbsite to ensure that you are not allowing back door access to a vendor you no longer use?

MM Dealer Advocates will ensure that your digital tools for marketing, including Fixed Ops, are performing to the utmost potential/ROI and we will help to ensure that digital tools you are no longer using, have been cut off from accessing your internal data*.  Best of all- we will help you eliminate redundant tools and processes so you are as lean as possible while maximizing output.

The reality is in the world of digital tools, once the digital vendor has shown you all the bells and whistles and goes on their merry way…are you able to optimize the new digital marketing tool or service that you’ve just bought?  And are now paying for monthly! Does your team know how to use the tool in order to maximize effectiveness for the dealership?  Are you checking to see what new optimizations might be available that can help get you better results? Are you aware of the additional capabilities that might have been added to one of these digital services which now makes another redundant (and a waste of spend)? Is your head spinning yet?  Do you have a system to ensure for lean digital processes?  And secure connection/disconnection?

MMDealerAdvocates is here to help! We will go through each of your digital vendors’ capabilities & dashboards to ensure you are optimizing your spend and not using redundant services. The dollars are in the details and we can help you find them!

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*MM Digital Dealer is not liable for any privacy, security or data breaches, issues or financial hardships.