Q & A

Are you overspending and/or using redudant tools? Are you optimizing Organic lead generation?
Are all of your digital capabilities fully optimized?
  • How do I know if I’m spending too much on digital advertising?

    A thorough review of your Google Analytics, combined with your website analytics and CRM leads will give you a good idea of how effective your paid advertising is.

  • How do I know what is working with my digital spend?

    If campaigns are properly tagged, you will get a good idea of which campaigns are providing you goal conversions that have meaningful ROI – such as lead form fills, phone calls & any other KPIs that have conversion value to your store.

  • Is there a difference between PPC & SEM?

    PPC stands for Pay Per Click (Advertising) and SEM is Search Engine Marketing – they are essentially the same thing (PPC is a form of SEM).

  • How do I know if I am optimized for local search results?

    Do a basic search for your products & services?  Your business should be showing up in search results not just for your name but also for your car models & services in your primary market area

  • IS there more I can be doing to grow my website organically?

    90% of the time, we find that many things can be done to help your website show up more often organically.  From optimizing your Google My Business listings and updating them monthly to rewriting title tags to optimizing meta descriptions, alt text, checking site speed, and many more tweaks can be made to ensure your website continues to grow organically in search.

  • How do I measure the results?

    Bottom line – leads/opportunities (Goal conversions) which lead to sales!

  • How much is it going to cost for your company to help?

    Fees range from $3500-5k per month, with a guarantee of saving you at least that amount per month in PPC, digital, 3rd party advertising, and other wasted digital spend that we typically uncover within 60 days.   And best of all, your results will continue to grow over time once optimizations are in place.

  • Am I optimizing all of my current digital capabilities?

    If you don’t know the capabilities of all of the current digital tools you are paying for, including their latest updates and added technology, you may be wasting your spend.

  • Are any of your digital services redundant?

    If you are paying for a service that has the same capabilities as something another digital provider is able to do – you are paying DOUBLE!

Didn’t Find the Answer?

These are all important and valid answers that can be answered using your OWN data- ie Google Analytics, an SEO audit, and more.   It is NOT that difficult, as some agencies would have you believe, but it does take time & expertise to dig into the data and find the answers.

Once the data is fleshed out, and compared to your internal CRM, other sources of business, etc, we can help you come up with a plan to maximize your digital advertising and organic search results and minimize spend.  On average,  we are able to cut our client’s monthly spend from 15-20% per month.

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