Automotive Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

If you are a business that serves consumers in a local area, then you need to ensure that your business is able to be found by local customers using mobile, desktop, OR voice search. Voice Search continues to grow and at some point in the near future, more people will be searching by voice than using a web search. For automotive dealerships and auto repair, hyperlocal search optimization is imperative to help Alexa, Echo & other voice devices locate your business in search.

Google My Business offers a tremendous amount of free categories, product listings, schedules, and more that can help your business be found in local search. Bing, Alexa & Apple Maps need to be optimized as well. More than ever, listings are enabling customers to not just find you by name, but also by product category or service – be sure you are taking advantage of that free search! Voice devices will rely primarily on listings services to find you via search as well as Schema Markup- a technical website code that helps voice search engines understand the content on your website.

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